Mission Statement:

We, the members of the / Architectural Builders Supply Inc. team, will provide consistent customer satisfaction through focused operational excellence. We will accomplish this by fostering individual development and taking satisfaction and pride in our work. Our integrity, expertise, and competitiveness will ensure our profitability and long term continuity. / Architectural Builders Supply Inc., a full-service distributor of architectural wood doors, metal doors, metal frames, and commercial hardware is dedicated to providing our customers with accurate, timely, and competitively priced products and services of superior quality. Our goal is to provide our valued customers the most outstanding level of quality and total customer satisfaction they can possibly get. We will do this by our commitment to quality and service on a customer-to-customer basis day in and day out. We will exceed our customers’ expectations every time, in every way.

We strive to continually revolutionize the processes by which we manufacturer and distribute our products and services to our customers. We also constantly seek out new markets and opportunities for our products. At / Architectural Builders Supply Inc., we will hold fast to our respect for hard work, straight talk, innovation, integrity, and attention to detail. / Architectural Builders Supply Inc. also reaffirms our dedication to teamwork, so that customers can enjoy access to the wide range of resources available from both the owners and employees of / Architectural Builders Supply Inc. now and in the future.

We will fulfill our mission by :

  • Providing the highest quality products and services to our clients to allow them to achieve their goals.
  • Providing our associates the opportunity and support for them to achieve personal and professional success within the scope of our mission, principles and values.
  • By earning a fair financial return for the products and services we provide.

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Typical commercial steel door with door closer and automatic door bottom.
Door and frame unit built from 14 ga. galvanized steel and installed at bank as the rear service entrance near North Ave & Milwaukee Ave in Chicago circa 1993
(photo taken 2009)
"Highlands of Lombard" project built in 2003 - 2004. Supplied several hundred steel doors, frames and hardware sets to W. A. Anderson Construction. Project personally supervised by Richard Howard owner.
Caribou Coffee Wilmette Illinois. Restroom doors hand built and delivered approx. June 1999.
(Photo taken May 2010)
Vintage Bommer CL3029 circa 2013 - Scottsdale AZ

Contact us at: 773-809-3667 or Email us at:

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07-29-2013 - "KD Drywall Installation - HMF Express"

KD Borrowed Light Installation: 0:00 - 1:32
KD Side Light Frame Instalaltion: 1:36 - 2:19
3-Sided KD Frame Installation: 2:20 - 3:36
Plumb, Square, & Level a 3 Sided Frame: 3:38 - 5:41
KD Transom Frame Installation: 5:42 - 8:00

07-24-2013 - "Electric Strike Troubleshooting Guide"

Intro & Electric Strike Does Not Buzz 0:00 - 3:40
Strike is Getting Power but does not Release 3:41 - 11:31
How to Stop a Strike from Buzzing 11:32 - 13:24
How to make a Silent DC Strike Buzz 13:25 - 15:00
What is Intermittent Duty? 15:01 - 16:05
What is Continuous Duty 16:06 - 17:17
What is Pre-Load 17:18 - 21:01
Checking the Electrical Condition of the Strike 21:02 - 24:02
Checking the Transformer 24:03 - 27:46
Wire Runs 27:47 - 30:18
Checking Voltages 30:19 - 33:10
Strike Burns Out Coil 33:11 - 33:44
Matching the Grade 33:45 - 39:01
Auxiliary Ramps 39:02 - 43:22
Door does not Latch Completely Shut 43:23 - 44:40
Door closes but Strike Keeper does not Lock & Outro 44:41 - end

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